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Zero Calibration with Nanocolor Tube Tests

Nanocolor tube tests are produced by Macherey Nagel and contain pre-dosed reagents housed within a 16mm cuvette. They are designed for ultimate ease of use. They work with a range of Macherey Nagel photometers for water analysis applications.  And they even have a barcode on so that you can select the correct test quickly without have to scroll through dozens of options.

With advanced technology present in the newer generation of photometers, even having to use a zero cuvette is a thing of the past. This is because each parameter-specific blank value is pre-stored in the instrument itself. This is all made possible because of the high standards in production and quality control that Macherey Nagel follow. As a result, the zero cuvettes (with yellow screw caps) have been slowly phased out of pack of Nanocolor tube tests. For the following photometers, no action is required and you can take advantage of the pre-programmed zero values – 500 D, 400 D, 350 D, Advance, VIS, VIS II, UV/VIS, UV/VIS II, PF-12plus, PF-12 and PF-3. For older photometer models, you will need to follow the instructions here.

Zero calibration tube

In order to compensate for the ageing of the filters inside the photometers, it is advised to repeat a zero calibration procedure every six months. This is done using the calibration tube and selecting relevant settings from the zero calibration menu on the display of your instrument. During the process, the instrument will initially carry out an air measurement, then the calibration cuvette is to be inserted. It is important that the calibration cuvette is handled with care and kept free from surface scratches, turbidity and contamination (e.g. Lint) which will have an adverse effect on calibration and therefore your readings following.

There is a large selection of Nanocolor tests – see full range summary here. If you need help choosing the more appropriate tests/photometer, contact us at support@camlab.co.uk.


3 thoughts on “Zero Calibration with Nanocolor Tube Tests

  1. This article on nanocolor tube tests is a gem for analytical enthusiasts. The idea of zero calibration is intriguing, and your detailed explanation makes it accessible. The step-by-step process helps demystify the technique for beginners like me. The use cases you’ve highlighted, particularly in water quality analysis, showcase the practicality of nanocolor tube tests. I appreciate how you’ve made a technical topic engaging and comprehensible.

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