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PeCOD wins the National 2015 Water’s Next Wastewater Technology Award

PeCOD wins the National 2015 Water’s Next Wastewater Technology Award

Mantech wins award for PeCOD rapid COD
Mantech accept 2015 Water next award for PeCOD rapid COD technology

The 2015 Water’s Next awards were presented this June at the annual Water’s Next gala in Vancouver.  MANTECH was the proud recipient of the Wastewater Technology Award for the PeCOD, accepted by President and CEO, Robert Menegotto. Water’s Next celebrates national innovators in the water industry at both the individual and company level by recognizing leading technology in water resources, conveyance, drinking water, and wastewater.

In recognizing the PeCOD as the winner, the selection committee stated, “The PeCOD is a ‘game changer’ with potential for global application in the wastewater field.”

MANTECH would like to thank the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) for their ongoing support and rigorous 20 month validation that led to regulatory method E3515 based on PeCOD. By eliminating the use of dichromate and mercury the PeCOD has been distinguished as a safe and rapid alternative to traditional chemical oxygen demand (COD) analysis methods, as well as a reliable estimate for the 5 day biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) test.

The nomination committee wrote, “MANTECH’s new PeCOD technology not only eliminates the need for hazardous chemicals but delivers results within 15 minutes, allowing industrial and municipal wastewater facilities to make immediate adjustments to their processes.”

MANTECH congratulates all the finalists and wishes to extend gratitude to the selection committee for acknowledging their commitment to safe and healthy water resources. MANTECH strives to provide green chemistry, capable of improving the efficiency, speed and safety of water analysis.

During acceptance Robert Menegotto said, “We are enabling municipalities and industry to enact sustainable practices thereby protecting the environment and public health, and in the end they are also going to save money.”

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