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New Memmert HPP constant climate chambers launched

The HPP model family now encompasses six different sizes. With a chamber volume of 384 or 1060 litres, the constant climate chambers HPP400 and HPP1060 complement the range of innovative and environmentally-friendly climate chambers.

For years, Memmert was the only manufacturer that offered a powerful, energy-efficient large-volume Peltier appliance as a series product. All HPP appliances are heated and cooled in a single system and operate without energy-intensive cooling compressors and conventional heating.

The two XXL devices HPP1400 – with a chamber volume of 1360 litres and introduced in August 2016 – and the new HPP1060, which is available as of now, redefine the limits of technical feasibility.HPP1060For more information about this range of Constant Climate Chambers or other Memmert ovens:

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