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NEW Camlab Choice Stirrer/Hotplate Range + FREE Discount Voucher

Are you looking for a stirrer/hotplate thats robust reliable and within your budget? Then look no further as the new Camlab Choice range offers a selection of combined stirrer/hotplates to suit your needs. To help you choose hotplates can be categorized into 3 classes:

Class A – High Temperature >500ºC

Class B – Heating >300ºC

Class C – Heating >200ºC

If you are unsure of which hotplate you might need ask yourself these questions:

1) What temperature range do you need to heat your samples to?

2) Are you using harmful solvents, do you need corrosion resistant plates?

3) Do you need a precise temperature control, ie a digital control?

4) Do you need external temperature control?

5) Are you looking for robustness- high impact resistance?

 Read the information below about which hotplates fit into the categories and see which one meets you needs the most:

Class A Hotplates – MS7-H550-Pro

  • Rapidly reach target temperature
  • Heat resistant magnet
  • Continual running at high temperatures
  • Glass ceramic plate for extreme heating and resistance to corrosion
  • The outer casing has excellent resistance to chemicals and heat transfer
  • Also digital control and LCD display is recommended
  • Optional temperature control for precise measurements is available with the PT1000 sensor

The advantages of the glass ceramic plate over a standard ceramic hotplate which are most common in the market are they are mechanically strong and can sustain repeated and quick temperature changes. High resistance to corrosion and very easy to clean.

Class B Hotplates: Recommend the

  • Same as Class A but you have the option of stainless steel or ceramic coated hotplates
  • Optional temperature control for precise measurements is available with the PT1000 sensor

Class C Hotplates:

  • Rapidly reach target temperature
  • Continual running
  • Stainless Steel or ceramic coated available
  • Optional temperature control for precise measurements is available with the PT1000 sensor

If you need a hotplate that has good uniformity, high impact resistance and is corrosion resistance then stick with a stainless steel hotplate. The MS-H280-Pro is only £180

In addition to hotplates there are a range of accessories available from reaction blocks, tube vessels and temperature sensors. Click HOT ACCESSORIES to view and a simple classic stainless steel stirrer unit ideal for the benchtop.

We also have a new line of overhead stirrers for more viscous solutions and optimum stirring control.

View these exciting new products online by clicking Camlab Choice Hot/Stirrer and claim your FREE discount voucher by filling in your details on the form below.




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