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Macherey – Nagel VISOCOLOR Powder Pillows

Macherey-Nagel have a selection of VISOCOLOR Powder Pillows available for free Chlorine, total Chlorine and pH photometric determination.

Free Chlorine VISOCOLOR Powder Pillows
Free Chlorine VISOCOLOR Powder Pillows

The benefits of VISOCOLOR Powder Pillow includes:

  • Long shelf life- 5 years from production
  • Easy dosing- all reagents in just one powder pillow
  • All important information including parameter, LOT and expiry printed on each pillow, to ensure traceability.
  • Easy to open- by hand, no tools or scissors required
  • Pre-programmed with the compact photometers PF-12 Plus and the PF-3 (drinking water and pool water).

Free/ Total Chlorine VISOCOLOR Powder Pillows:

  • Broad measuring range from 0.03mg/L to 6.00mg/L
  • Can be used with HACH photometers with pre-programmed HACH methods (8167, 10250, 10070 for total Chlorine) (8021, 10245, 10069 for free Chlorine)
  • Available in pack sizes of 100 or 1000.
  • Applicable to swimming pools, drinking water treatment and chemical industries.

pH VISOCOLOR Powder Pillows:

  • Reliable determination of pH even in weakly buffered solutions such as drinking water.
  • Available in pack size of 100
  • Applicable to swimming pools, drinking water treatment and chemical industries.

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For more information or advice, please email us at support@camlab.co.uk

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