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Hach 2100N and 2100AN Turbidimeters replaced by new TL23 series

The popular 2100N and 2100AN series of turbidimeters (turbidity meters) are being phased out and discontinued.

They are replaced by the new TL23 series which offers some great additional features – we’ve taken a look at what the TL23 series offers over the 2100 series.

2100 to TL23 turbidimeter replacement
The 2100 series turbidimeters are being replaced by the new TL23 series – but what features do these offer?

What’s new in the TL23 series turbidimeters?

The TL23 series of benchtop turbidity meters from Hach have been designed to give stable, accurate readings in an easy to use instrument.

They offer several great features above the older 2100 range;

  • Large and full colour touch screen – for easy and intuitive controls
  • USB port – easily export results, plus use for sample identification for traceability
  • Stable and accurate readings ensured – a reading is only when the instrument detects sample stability, removing the need to repeat readings

What models are available?

There are 4 models available, to replace each of the 2100 series instruments.

  • TL2300 – with tungsten light source as per EPA methods, for 0 to 4,000 NTU (replaces the 2100N EPA model)
  • TL2350 – with tungsten light source as per EPA methods, for 0 to 10,000 NTU (replaces the 2100AN EPA model)
  • TL2310 – with LED light source as per ISO methods, for 0 to 1,000 NTU (replaces the 2100N ISO model)
  • TL2360 – with LED light source as per ISO methods, for 0 to 10,000 NTU (replaces the 2100AN ISO model)

What is included with the TL23 series turbidity meters?

Each unit includes everything you need to start testing right away;

  • The turbidity meter
  • Silicone oil and oiling cloth
  • USEPA filter assembly
  • 6x sample cells
  • Gelex Secondary turbidity standardization kit
  • StablCal calibration kit
  • Power supply
  • Dust cover
TL2300 turbidimeter with accessories
The TL23 series turbidimeters come with all the required accessories to start testing right away


For more information about the new TL23 series of turbidity meters, just follow the links above or contact us if you have any questions;

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