Automation / Biochemical Oxygen Demand

Do I need special bottles for BOD analysis on the MANTECH Automated System?

MANTECH Automated BOD solutions for Biological Oxygen demand are unique in their ability to use many dfferent standard bottles even when testing with the new YSI ProOBOD probe










Many standard BOD bottles may be used by the customer.

These include:

  1. Standard 300ml Glass Wheaton or equivalent bottles.
  2.  Standard 60ml Glass BOD bottles.
  3.  Standard Disposable 300ml bottles.

A liquid seal is created when measuring DO with the MANTECH system ensuring there is no introduction of oxygen.

As a result MANTECH offers full flexibility and operational cost savings with customers able select the correct BOD bottle that meets the laboratories requirements at the best possible price. In addition, MANTECH also offers the fastest per bottle rate with the quickest dilution water addition rate.

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