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Certified RNase and DNase free nitrile gloves

When working with nucleic acids, having gloves which are free from RNase and DNase is vital to remove the risk of contamination.

Shield Scientific’s SHIELDskin Orange Nitrile sterile gloves are certified as RNase and DNase free, with certification available for each batch

Shieldskin orange nitrile glove holding a beaker of chemical
SHIELDskin Orange Nitrile powder free gloves – available in sterile RNase and DNase free version for sterile working

The sterile version of Shield Scientific’s orange nitrile powder free gloves are certified per batch as RNase and DNase free. See a sample certificate and report here.

Each glove pair comes individually wrapped, so they can be carefully donned without touching any others in the pack.

One individually wrapped pair of Shield Scientific's SHIELDskin orange sterile nitrile gloves
One individually wrapped pair of Shield Scientific’s SHIELDskin orange sterile nitrile gloves

The extra long 300mm length from fingertip to cuff means that wrists are well covered and lab coat sleeves can even be tucked into the glove for additional protection.

The twinSHIELD technology found in all Shield Scientific gloves is still used, with a double barrier of protection from an inner white layer plus the outer orange layer.

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