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Why use Polysulphone Reusable Bottle Top Filters?

Ever heard of Polysulphone? With so many types of thermo plastic materials available how do you choose the right material for your application.

If, for example, you are handling delicate bactria cultures and need a  filtration system under vacuum, Camlab supply a Polysulphone reusable Duran Bottle Top Filters with a vacuum adapter. Polysulphone is a flame retardant thermoplastic which has the highest service temperature of all melt-processable plastics. Its the perfect material to use if you need to sterilize or autoclave your apparatus.

  • Screws securely onto glass bottles with 33 or 45 mm neck size.
  • Removable membrane support plate is designed to provide maximum flow rate and throughput.
  • Tubing adapter accepts 6-8mm id vacuum tubing.
  • The unit is non-cytotoxic.
  • Autoclavable up to 165ºC

In addition, view Camlab’s extensive range of  filter paper , we can match the right paper to your application.