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Why should I use a temperature probe with a hotplate stirrer?

Some hotplates and hotplate stirrers have the ability for you to be able to connect an external temperature probe. The function of the external temperature probe is so that you can monitor and control the temperature of your heated sample. This is in contrast to simply controlling the hotplate surface temperature.

Pt1000 probe
Camlab Choice Pt1000

Why use an external temperature probe?

Using an external temperature probe allows for more accurate control of the temperature of your sample. Submerge the probe in to your sample and you can monitor and control the sample temperature. Conversely, when a temperature probe is not used, the plate itself will heat up to the set temperature of the instrument. This may not be entirely accurate because heating in the plate will not be completely uniform and you cannot be sure your sample has reached the temperature set. Therefore if the temperature of your sample is important to your application, we would always recommend using an external temperature probe. It is worth noting that if you are using the temperature probe on a hotplate without the stirring function, hotspots may arise in your heated sample. This is because the stirring helps to maintain temperature uniformity.

Which hotplate stirrers have temperature probe compatibility?

Below are some of our top picks for hotplates with probe compatibility:

Camlab Choice MS-H280-Pro + Pt1000 probe

MS-H280-Pro with temperature probe
MS-H280-Pro with temperature probe and probe holder.
  • The Camlab Choice MS-H280-Pro has the option of purchasing a separate external pt1000 probe (a separate probe holder is also required).
  • When using the pt1000 probe, the sample temperature is displayed on the LED.
  • Read more about the Camlab Choice hotplate stirrer range here.

Stuart Undergrad US152 + SCT1 controller

  • SCT1 controller has two modes – control mode and temperature mode. Control mode works up to 200°c and allows you to control the sample temperature as described above. Although, at higher temperatures up to 325°C, the SCT1 works as a digital thermometer only, simply monitoring your sample temperature.


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