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Why does my CW7000 BOD system have an EU plug?

I have just purchased a CW700 Biochemical oxygen Demand System for BOD measurement and it has come with an EU plug what do I do? 

CW7000 BOD System
CW7000 BOD System

The CW700 Biochemical oxygen Demand  System is designed to work to international standards for BOD measurement. This means the system has to be incubated for 5 days as part of the test. The stirrer needs to run inside the incubator and the incubators we supply have an internal power strip. To keep costs down the internal sockets on the ET619-4 thermocabinets are EU only. All external plugs are UK plugs. 

ET619-4 thermocabinets
ET619-4 thermocabinets

The Camlab Water BOD system offers significant savings over the competition for this type of system and the incubator can take additional systems with no extra cost unlike the compact single system incubators which are sometimes supplied.