Which filter should I use for suspended solids tests?

Suspended solids tests are conducted as a water purity indicator, and to form part of discharge consent. The gravimetric method of suspended solids testing requires filter papers to be used, but these must be of the correct grade to ensure correct results.

We’ve taken a look at which filter paper grades are approved for suspended solids tests.


934Ah ready to use

Which filter paper should I use for suspended solids determinations?

The Whatman GF/C glass fibre filters are suitable for suspended solids tests and conform to standard method EN 872

They allow for testing of very turbid samples with a high particle loading, retaining even fine particles for high accuracy of results.


Which ready to use filter papers should I use for suspended solids tests?

The Whatman 934-AH grade come in a ready to use format – they are pre-washed and pre-weighed in an aluminium pan to save processing time in the lab. Each pan has a unique barcode and states the weight with pan and filter clearly on the label.

These filters are compliant with Method 2540D


What else do I need to perform suspended solids tests?

For the other equipment and apparatus needed for the test, see our previous post here.


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