pH measurement

What’s the difference between a pH buffer sachet and a pH buffer capsule?


pH buffers are supplied in a wide range of formats and it can sometimes be confusing, here is a simple guide to the various types of buffer supplied.

pH Buffer capsules
pH Buffer capsules

















pH buffer Capsules – these are a small powdered buffer, which is mixed with water to give a fixed volume of buffer. They give a long shelf life and the advantage that the buffer is always made fresh.

 pH buffer sachets

pH Buffer sachets

pH buffer Sachets – Single use sachets, ideal for use in the field, a small amount of buffer is in the pouch you tear off the corner and insert the probe into the liquid. always fresh, use once and throw away

Colour Coded pH buffers
Colour Coded pH buffers
















Colour coded buffers – availabe in a range of different bottles, these buffers are colour coded so that you can be sure which buffer you are using 4 is coloured red, 7 is coloured yellow and 10 is coloured blue.

Camlab hold a wide range of buffer in stock in cambridge for next day delivery. We are happy to advise on the correct choice of buffer for your needs.

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