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What’s the best way to demonstrate calibration of SWAN AMI 2 pH-Redox & temp; SWAN AMI TURBITRACK?

AMI Turbitrack is a system designed for automatic and continuous measurement of low level turbidity in pure water at 10 bar sample pressure.

Camlab advise that you DO NOT calibrate this instrument only verify its accuracy by the use of a verification module  and following the procedure in the User’s Manual.

  •    Part No:   A-85.151.010 Verification kit “low” Typically 5-25 FNU
  •    Part No:   A-85.151.020 Verification kit “zero” approx 0 FNU.

 Both modules come with certification and would require re-certification after a certain period.

AMI pH/Redox – this system monitors continuous measurement of pH or redox (Oxidation Reduction Potential – ORP) in potable water and effluents.

Calibration can be done either through the PROCESS pH menu using a calibrated handheld pH meter or via STANDARD pH where certified pH buffers are used.

Click on the following links: TURBITRAK and AMI pH/Redox for full details of both systems and calibration kits available now from CAMLAB.