Water Bath

What water should I use in a water bath?

Using the right water in your water bath will help to avoid corrosion and give the bath a longer life.

We’ve taken a look at selecting suitable water to make sure your bath stays clean, free from corrosionĀ and reliable.

JB Academy water baths
Water Baths like the JB range from Grant can last for many years – if cared for properly and filled with the right water!

De-ionised Water

Most water baths are made of stainless steel.

To prevent corrosion of this material distilled or de-ionised water should be used. Tap water will contain various dissolved ions which can contribute to pitting and corrosion, while distilled or de-ionised water have had these removed.

Make sure to use de-ionised water from a system which does not use a salt back flush to regenerate ion-exchange cartridges – this can leave sodium ions present in the water which is very corrosive to the stainless steel.


KeepĀ the Water Oxygenated

The stainless steel in most baths has a layer of Chromium Oxide to protect it from corrosion.

If this is damaged, oxygen in the water can help to reform a new layer. Since water will lose its dissolved oxygen over time, especially if heated or left still, the water should be replaced regularly to ensure it is sufficiently oxygenated.


Following these simple steps will help to keep your water bath corrosion free.

For more information about water baths or de-ionised water systems follow the links above or contact us with any questions;