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What vials and sample cells are compatible with my Hach DR300?

The DR300 by Hach is a robust, portable single parameter colorimeter. It is the follow on from the Pocket colorimeter II which has been discontinued for most parameters – offering improved waterproofing, a large display and ergonomic design combined with optional Bluetooth and system integration. This unit is available in two formats – a single wavelength (either 500, 528, 600, 655nm) or pre-programmed with a single parameter test. You can view our range here. 

Hach DR300 for Bromine. Other test parameter units are available.

Depending on your chosen parameter, the DR300 will accept a 1 inch round sample cell and 1cm sample cell. As with every Hach test, the method sheet will inform you of the correct sample cell to use.

For any queries on Hach methods, or compatible accessories needed to perform your tests, we will be happy to assist. Please fill out the contact form below or alternatively you can email us at support@camlab.co.uk.