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What tests can I run on the Hach HT200s High temperature thermostat

The Hach Ht200s High temperature thermostat can be used for a range of Hach Lange LCK cuvette tests to increase the speed of the digestion.

Hach HT200s thermostat
Hach HT200s high temperature thermostat for LCK vials

The Ht200s can be used for COD – chemical oxygen demand and a range of nutrient tests listed below:

COD LCK 014/114/314/414/514/614/914 170 °C 35 minutes Approx. 120 minutes
Total phosphate LCK 348/349/350 170 °C 35 minutes Approx. 60 minutes
Total nitrogen LCK 138/238/338 170 °C 35 minutes Approx. 60 minutes
Total metals Crack-Set LCW 902 170 °C 35 minutes Approx. 60 minutes
Chromium / Silver LCK 313/LCW 954 170 °C 35 minutes Approx. 60 minutes
Tin LCK 359 170 °C 35 minutes Approx. 30 minutes
TOC LCK 385/386/387 95 °C 130 minutes -*
AOX LCK 390 100 °C 130 minutes -*


The Hach Ht200s is supplied with 12 x 20mm holes with inserts to make them 13mm which means each position can be used for either a 12mm digestion of a 20mm prep vial.

The Ht200s is available on next day delivery in the UK from Camlab (subject to stock availability)