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What is the maximum weight a Memmert oven shelf can take? Are specialist shelves available for heavy loads?

Q: I want to use a Memmert oven, but sometimes work with products that are heavy – what weight can the standard shelves support?

Are heavy duty shelves available for bigger loads?

UF110 lab oven by Memmert
The UF110 Memmert fan assisted laboratory oven with 2 standard stainless steel grid shelves

A: Memmert ovens come with standard shelves included, but if you often work with heavy items you may want to upgrade to reinforced shelves that can take greater weight. The table below shows the difference.

The table below shows the difference in capabilities between the standard and reinforced shelves in Memmert’s standard UN and UF series of ovens.

Oven Size No. Standard shelves included Max loading per standard shelf (kg) Reinforced shelves available? Max loading per reinforced shelf (kg) Max loading overall of chamber (kg)
30 1 20 No 60
55 1 20 No 80
75 2 20 No 120
110  2 20 Yes  60  175
160 2 20 Yes 60 210
260 2 20 Yes 60 300
450 2 30 Yes – fittings required 60 300
750 2 30 Yes – fittings required 60 300
1060 1 60 Yes – fittings required 60 300


For some of the larger oven sizes, the oven must be equipped with the appropriate fittings for the reinforced shelves to be added. Make sure you choose this option when ordering the oven.

In all instances, the maximum loading of the chamber must be considered as well as individual shelf limits.

For more information on reinforced shelves, or the other customization options available for Memmert ovens such as access ports or interior lighting, just contact us;