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What is Resazurin Dye used for?

Ever heard of Resazurin? Its a crystalline dye commonly used as an indicator of chemical cytoxicity in cell culture. Most well known assays performed are measuring the bacterial content in milk.

A standard solution of resazurin is prepared by dissolving one tablet in 50ml of sterile glass-distilled water. 1 ml of this solution should be added to 10ml of milk for each test. Solutions must be made freshly each day.

Resazurin is added to milk, the bacteria present take up oxygen and change the colour of the dye from blue-purple to
pink. The speed of the change indicates the bacterial content.

The product has been tested for conformity with the requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

The removal of the oxygen from milk and the formation of reducing substances during bacterial metabolism causes the color to disappear. The agencies responsible for the oxygen consumption are the bacteria. Though certain species of bacteria have considerably more influence than others, it is generally assumed that the greater the number of bacteria in milk, the quicker will the oxygen be consumed, and in turn the sooner will the color disappear. Thus, the time of reduction is taken as a measure of the number of organisms in milk.

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