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What is Memmert AtmoCONTROL FDA Software?

AtmoCONTROL FDA is a software designed by Memmert Gmbh for all of their Generation 2012 appliances with Ethernet/USB interfaces.

With atmoCONTROL you can:

  • Create graphically, modify and save programs on your computer with a desired set of parameters and transfer these to the appliance
  • Organise and document the internal log memory of the appliance
  • Configure user authorisations on user USB sticks which cannot be altered by the user

Supported Appliances:

  • UNplus    air flap –  light
  • UFplus    fan speed –  air flap –  light
  • INplus     air flap – light
  • IFplus      fan speed –  air flap –   light
  • HPP         temperature –  humidity –  light
  • IPPplus   temperature –  light
  • ICP eco   temperature –   fan speed –  light
  • ICH eco  temperature –  humidity –  fan speed –  light
  • ICO          temperature –  humidity –  CO2 –  O2
  • HCP        temperature –  humidity
  • VO           temperature –  pressure –  inert gas

Advanced functions of AtmoCONTROL FDA version

Within a closed system the specially developed software meets the requirements of the FDA:

  • User management by administrator
  • Storage of profile and protocol data in a file format that cannot be manipulated
  • Monitoring of login and logout processes and of alterations of the raw data using an audit trail
  • Possibility to export to readable HTML format

For more Information regarding atmoCONTROL FDA this document gives precise details of the capability of the software.

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