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What happened at WWEM?

WWEM 2014 in Telford is the leading event in water and wastewater in the UK with specialist conference sessions on the current MCerts  situation, innovation in water and wastewater and the UK water companies funding cycles

Camlab’s stand  at the Water, Wastewater and Environmental Monitoring Exhibition and Conference (WWEM) has been praised for being one of the best stands at this years show.

Comments made by participants include:

Thanks very much!

By far the coolest stand at the WWEM!

By the way I visited your booth in WWEM, I was very impressed by the roll coaster simulation, I actually thought that the floor was moving!!!


Whilst the stand provided some enthralling entertainment, there was a take home message regarding the efficiency of water and wastewater laboratories and how Camlab can assist in the smooth running of laboratories. Visitors were taken on a roller coaster of a journey to highlight what it can be like running a laboratory in one of the most  highly demanding and regulated industry, the water industry.

Camlab’s Nick Howe presented the “live laboratory” demonstrations showing how COD reactions can be carried out in ten minutes using the latest PeCOD Technology, whilst David Miller Head of Business Development delivered a seminar on common problems in automation


Camlab’s contribution was well received by everyone who attended the stand, and there was immense interest in the masterclass laboratory seminar to be held in January in Cambridge.