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What are the options for drying lab glassware after washing?

After glassware has been washed, it should be dried carefully to avoid introducing any impurities. Drying with paper towels can introduce fibres or dust which could affect high accuracy work.

There are 3 main methods for quickly and cleanly drying lab glassware, each with their own specific benefits and drawbacks.

Lab Glassware
Lots of glassware to wash? The drying method is important too…

1. Natural Air drying

When the glassware is not required quickly, natural air drying can offer the simplest solution.

A range of drying or draining racks are available to hang glassware with the open neck facing down – this not only ensures quick drying and draining but also avoids dust from the air getting into the vessels.

Racks can be wall mounted to save space, or sit on the bench for closer access.

Choose a unit with the right number and lengths of drying pegs to suit the glassware you usually work with. Remember to keep the rack clean to avoid introducing any contamination into your glassware.

Burkle glassware drying rack
Natural Air Drying rack for glassware

2. Electric Drying Racks

For faster results but still in a compact unit, an electric glassware dryer can be used. These force warmed air into each piece of glassware, accelerating the drying.

Some models will also come equipped with a timer – this means you can leave the unit running only for as long as needed, saving energy compared to oven dryers.

The gentler heating of these sytems compared to oven or glasswasher drying makes them suitable for most plastic containers as well as glassware.

Electric lab glassware dryer
Electric glassware drying rack

3. Glasswashers with built in drying

For high throughput laboratories that need glassware turned around quickly, a glasswasher with built in drying is the best option. These will take care of the washing and drying of all glassware, and ensure a clean, pure finish.

The Camlab Cub 4090 models have a built in drying system which filters the air on intake, ensuring the air used is clean. The air is heated and directed over the surface of the glassware, giving extremely fast and efficient drying.

GW4090 lab glasswasher
Glasswashers with built in drying take care of the full cleaning and drying process

For more information on any of these options, just follow the links above, or contact us