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What are SpecCheck standards and can they be used for calibration?

SpecCheck standards are solid gel secondary standards produced by Hach.  They are for use with their photometers. They are presented in sealed glass cells, so they are ready to use out of the box, with no preparation. Within each pack of standards, 4 vials are provided. One is a blank along with 3 coloured gel standards. They are available for a number of parameters including chlorine, free ammonia and ozone.

Chlorine standards
SpecCheck Chlorine Standards

What are SpecCheck standards used for?

SpecCheck standards are secondary calibration standards. Secondary calibration standards are calibrated against primary standards and give a very close approximation of the primary standard. However, they themselves are not to be used for calibration. Rather, they function to allow the user to verify the performance of their instrument in a simple and ready to use way compared with preparing primary standards and their dilutions used in calibration.

To use the SpecCheck standards, once your instrument has been factory calibrated, or calibrated with primary standards, you would take and record the values for the secondary standards. These standards can then be re-measured periodically to check if the performance of your instrument has significantly changed over time. However if error in measurement is caused by an external factor such as reagent contamination or human error, the standards will not be able to indicate this. A significant change in performance of your instrument could suggest that it needs re-calibrating with primary standards.


If you have any questions about calibrating your Hach instrument, then contact us at support@camlab.co.uk

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