Volumetric Accuracy and Inscriptions on Glassware

Volumetric Glassware

Pyrex® Volumetrics are manufactured solely from pyrex borosilicate glass. MBL® volumetric products are manufactured from borosilicate and soda lime glass. Soda Lime glass is generally used for Class B Products.


Volumetric Glassware
Volumetric Glassware

Volumetric Accuracy and Inscriptions:

Tolerance: Class A/AS-Highest level of accuracy
Class B – General purpose work calibrated to a lower level of accuracy
Standard: The standard to which the product conforms
GraduationPyrex® and MBL® volumetric glass is graduated in ml in accordance withISO
IN Calibrated to contain
EXCalibrated to deliver
BlowoutIndication that last drop should be blown out of jet
Temp C  All Pyrex® and MBL® volumetric glassware is calibrated at 20 degrees  C
Certification:All class A/AS works certified glassware bears a serial number for identification and traceability