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Unique Cryovial Workstation Rack

What feature makes this rack different from other standard vial racks?

If you are a regular user of vial racks, you will know that they are generally made from polypropylene, autoclavable, stackable and reversible rack options are available.

So whats different about this rack?

A innovative new locking system has been developed where the wells have slotted cavities which accepts cryogenic vials with slotted skirts. When placed in the holes the vials become locked in position, enabling the user to attach or remove the cap with one hand.

Strong handles make ist easy and safe to carry. It is also supported by 5 anti-skid rubber feet.

It accommodates up to 50 vials(½ ” or 13.5mm diameter) in a 4×10 array with alphanumeric indexing.

Measures: (HxDxW) 25x200x100mm

There are 3 colours avaliable  in the range and they accomodate all sizes of Simport self standing cryogenic vials including the Cryolock Tamper Evident range.

To order and for stock availability click Cryoracks  or visit Camlab to view our full range of cryogenic consumables and equipment.