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Understanding DWKs ‘Go Safe, Trust in DWK’ Safety Badges

The new DWK campaign aims to assist in user safety with their products. Using the slogan ‘Go Safe, Trust In DWK’, this range of products have safety features with clear benefits to the user compared to standard items. To assist in understanding what benefits certain items can offer you, DWK have created safety badges which categorise different features. These are:

Built stronger, safer handling, spill protection, and UV protection.

Built stronger

These items have a greater durability. They are loss likely to break and shatter, which keeps the user safer from injury and spillage of any contents.

Products with this badge include: plastic coated glassware, pressure resistant glassware (such as the pressure+ range) and heavy duty labware.

Duran plastic coated glassware

Safer handling

Items with the safer handling badge are much easier to handle when using in the laboratory or workplace, therefore being safer.

Products with this badge include: bottle carry system, cryogenic vials, jointed glassware clips and plastic screwthread connectors.

Duran bottle carry system

Spill protection

This badge is placed on a products when the chance of spillage or leakage is greater reduced. This can be important for storage use and protection from any contents that need to be stored carefully.

This includes: bottle carry system, jointed glassware clips, silicone lids, leak resistant bottles, and safety venting wash bottles.

DWK silicone lids

UV protection

This helps the contents be protected from damage that could be caused by UV light. Some bottle come in amber options for this due to UV light influencing and even damage/degrading certain solutions.

Products with this badge includes: plastic coated glassware, and pressure resistant glass (pressure+).

Duran amber pressure plus glassware

These badges make it easier to understand the specific benefit that available items can offer you. They will assist in directing you to choose the right products to keep you safer when working in the lab. To browse more of our range of Duran items, click here. For more information, contact us by email to support@camlab.co.uk or by phone on 01954 233120.

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  1. DWK’s safety badges are an important component of their program, parents, teachers, and students alike should make sure all DWK safety badges are activated.

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