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Ultraflexible Ultrasonics from Camlab

Ultrasonics from Camlab
Ultrasonics from Camlab

The camSonix range of ultrasonic baths from Camlab, offers 13 models from 0.8 litres up to 90 litres, providing solutions for almost any laboratory or medical application.

A unique feature of these baths is the ability to choose the operating mode to optimise performance for specific applications. In Sweep mode, the sound wave is oscillated to ensure efficient cleaning over the entire surface of articles such as laboratory and surgical instruments. In Normal mode, energy is concentrated to give maximum efficiency for tasks such as emulsification, dispersion and mixing.

Camlab camSonix baths incorporate many user-oriented features – an ergonomic, liquid-proof control panel, easy draining, and a lid which ensures a low emitted sound level (<75 dB AU),  for comfortable use in any environment. The lid also doubles as a convenient drip tray when objects are removed from the bath.

Automated control functions that make the camSonix baths easier to use include “Autodegas” for efficiently degassing new cleaning liquids, and “Autostart”, that delays the application of ultrasound until the desired bath temperature is reached.

A range of sample baskets, accessories and cleaning chemicals is also available.