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Treating craft brewery wastewater with the PeCOD Analyser

Craft beer has taken off worldwide as one of the fastest growing sectors of the food and beverage industry. The beer is created by small, independently owned microbreweries which strive to produce high quality, great tasting authentic flavours derived from traditional or innovative brewing ingredients.


Craft brewery wastewater on the other hand is creating issues for the ageing wastewater treatment infrastructure. It is reported that craft breweries create five to ten times more wastewater than the beer they package and sell – this can cause a huge challenge to small towns having to deal with and clean this extra water.

In 2015, the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, through the Bloom Centre for Sustainability, engaged Econse Water Purification Systems to design a wastewater treatment system that could meet the specific needs of the craft brewing industry. One of the biggest hurdles to overcome was  the wide variation in wastewater going through the brewing production cycle. To measure this they chose the PeCOD analyser by Mantech.

PeCOD L100

Traditional lab tests for BOD take 5 days to complete, with the wastewater long gone before the results are returned. They also give inconsistent results when yeast or certain chemicals are contained in the sample. PeCOD is a green and fast method for measuring COD with results collected in just 15 minutes through the use of UV activated TiO2 (titanium dioxide) oxidation and an internal electrode, by directly measuring electron transfer. Econse found a very good correlation between PeCOD COD readings and BOD lab tests.

Unfortunately the PeCOD system is no longer available. You can click here to view our COD range.

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