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Thermotech PTFE Beakers for strong heating

PTFE offers a great alternative to glass for laboratory items, because of it’s strength, chemical resistance and high purity.

For strong heating in a PTFE beaker, for example boiling of liquids on a hotplate, Cowie Technology offer their new Thermotech beakers with a unique PTFE-carbon base for added strength and stability.

Thermotech PTFE beakers
Thermotech PTFE beakers with PTFE-carbon base

The Thermotech range feature a PTFE-carbon base attached to the PTFE beaker body in a single moulding. This gives improved heat transfer, but also makes the beakers more stable to heat without any distortion.

The inner surface of the beakers is pure, virgin PTFE for optimum chemical resistance and purity – the PTFE used is compliant with FDA directive FDA 21 CFR 177.1550 and USP Class VI

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