The time is right with a Techne Gelation Timer

Techne Gelation timer
Techne Gelation timer

A Techne digital Gelation Timer provides accurate, reproducible results for manufacturers testing how long a sample or product needs to set from a liquid into a solid gel during polymerisation.

Designed to discriminate between the viscosity of a liquid and the elasticity of a gel, the Techne digital Gelation Timer is a simple device which has been shown to determine the gelation point of a wide range of compounds with high accuracy and reproducibililty.*

With push-button operation, a bright LED display and the facility for mounting on a retort stand, the Gelation Timer could not be easier to use. When gelation occurs the digital timer stops automatically, indicated with an audible bleep and light. Two models are available: the 1rpm GT-5 shows times in one-minute increments up to 9999 minutes, while the 10rpm GT-6 version displays to the nearest tenth of a minute, making it ideal for materials with shorter gelation times.

‘”Gel time” is an important parameter in the manufacture of many compounds – whether fast setting or curing is required to speed up production; or slow gelation, and therefore a longer handling time, is an advantage. The Techne digital Gelation Timer  is a valuable tool in diverse quality control applications, such as in the food industry, where gelatin and other setting or thickening agents are used as ingredients; for pharmaceuticals which require tablet coatings containing gelatin; for development of adhesives and polymers, including flooring compounds; and in the manufacture of agarose and polyacrylamide gels for life science analytical techniques.

 Techne digital Gelation Timer  have led the market for almost sixty years and several British Standards for this methodology have been written with reference to Techne equipment. Available accessories include three sizes of stainless steel plunger (removable for easy cleaning), packs of disposable plungers, and sample cups. All Techne Gelation Timers are covered by a 3-year warranty and receive a calibration certificate for traceability.

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