7. FAQ's and Knowledgebase / Stirring and heating

The SCT1 Temperature Controller – improved accuracy when heating on Stuart hotplates

The SCT1 Temperature Controller is compatible with many of the Stuart hotplate and hotplate stirrer units.

It improves the accuracy of heating by feeding back the actual temperature of the sample and adjusting the hotplate accordingly.

The unit is simple to set up but does include different parts – here we run through the different parts, their functions and the key specifications of the controller

UC152 hotplate stirrer with SCT1 temperature controller
The SCT1 Temperature Controller being used to accurately heat a sample on the UC152 hotplate stirrer

What units can the SCT1 be used with?

The SCT1 controller is compatible with;

Stuart Hotplates; US150 and UC150

Stuart Hotplate Stirrers; analogue models US152 and UC152 and digital models US152D and UC152D

What accuracy can be achieved?

The temperature is set digitally and can be set in 1°C units from 20 to 200°C. It is accurate to ±0.5°C.

NB the lowest temperature achievable is usually the ambient temperature +5°C or +10°C, so the lower limit may actually be greater if you are working at room temperature. Check the specification of your hotplate.

What modes are available?

The SCT1 can be used as a controller to feed back the actual temperature of your sample and adjust the hotplate accordingly to achieve the set temperature.

It can also be used as a digital thermometer to simply measure and read out the temperature of a sample, this is possible over the range -4 to +325°C.

What are the different parts?

1. The SCT1 controller

Item 1165571

This is the controller unit itself. It comes with an LED display to show the temperature, simple buttons to set the target temperature, and a stainless steel probe.

It also has a clamp on the back to attach it to a retort stand, but please note that the stand is not included. Any standard retort stand would be suitable to use.

SCT1 controller complete with stainless steel probe


2. The Probe Holder

Item 1188131

This clamps to the retort stand and holds the probe so it can be easily suspended in the centre of the sample. If the probe touches the base of the vessel it could cause a high reading, so this ensures it’s held at a suitable height.

probe holder


3. The Probe

Item 1193776 – stainless steel

Item 1188132 – PTFE

The SCT1 comes with a stainless steel probe included, but this can be replaced if required.

A PTFE probe is also available for use with more hazardous chemicals – this is not included and should be ordered separately if required.



There are also kits available that include a hotplate stirrer along with all components of the SCT1 controller, so everything you need to get started is in one box – see the kits here.

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