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The new SA6 Vortex Mixer by Stuart

Stuart have launched a new vortex mixer, the mini SA6 model with a robust casing and variable speed control, this mini unit is ideal for chemical and bioscience laboratories alike.


Vortex mixers are widely used in bioscience laboratories, and are particularly useful for life science researchers studying cell cultures and microbiology.

Chemical labs also rely on vortex mixers everyday for general mixing, dissolution and dissolving solids into solvents.

They are also fundamental in biochemical and analytical processes and these laboratories need high quality, reliable and robust instruments.

The SA6 aims to fulfil these needs – the robust, die cast construction with inbuilt counterbalance and suction feet ensures a sturdy and reliable solution.

The mixing speed ranges from 2500 to 4500 rpm by a simple turn dial, making it suitable for a range of applications.

The SA6 Vortex mixer is available through Camlab via the links above

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