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The new rotary evaporators by KNF – clever design for simple and efficient operation

The well known diaphragm pumps manufacturer KNF have recently launched their own rotary evaporators.

The two units feature a range of clever design fixes to create simple, safe and high quality evaporators, suited to all environments from education through to pharmaceutical and research work.

RC900 rotary evaporator KNF
The RC900 Rotary Evaporator by KNF – winner of a prestigious Red Dot design award

The range of built in features makes these units stand out in quality, efficiency and safety, while still offering an affordable option for users in all sectors.

We’ve taken a look at what makes these units different, and what users can expect from the German manufacturer’s newest additions…


Developed with users, for users

KNF began developing the rotary evaporators by speaking with end users. They discussed in depth the everyday problems and annoyances they faced when working, and used these points to begin designing units which made the work simpler and safer.

This attention to detail is visible throughout the units, and even led to the RC900 model winning a prestigious Red Dot design award.


Two models for basic and advanced use

There are 2 models available – the RC600 and the RC900.

The RC600 offers a small bench footprint unit, with plastic coated glassware included as standard. The rotation speed, flask height and temperature are visible on the LCD display, and changeable through the intuitive controls.

RC600 by KNF
RC600 rotary evaporator

The RC900 unit offers all of this, but also comes with a removable, wireless control pad for remote use (e.g. from outside a closed fume cupboard).

Both models are packed with small features to make operation easy.


Clever Features – Easy Operation

Both of the models offer;

  • Shaped bath – uses less fluid, therefore faster heating times and lower energy use
  • Small footprint – saving bench or fume hood space
  • Tidy tubes – the RC600 unit has tubes clamped to the lifting column, while the RC900 tucks these into the column itself, reducing the risk of accidental catching
  • Easy fit flask attachment – attach and remove the flask one handed
  • Cordless bath with spout and hand holds – for easy filling and emptying
  • Optional intelligent safety shield – stops the rotation and lifts the flask if the shield is opened
  • Electronic raising and lowering of the flask – allows safe adjustment without risk of dropping and damaging the condenser
  • High efficiency condenser with anti “chimney effect” feature
  • Memory function – save the flask height and rotation for repeatable operation
  • The one bath (included with the units) can be used with oil or water for maximum flexibility
  • Quiet operation

The RC900 model additionally offers;

  • Adjustable alternate rotation of the flask for powder drying
  • Wireless remote control for operation from outside a closed fume hood

Follow the links above for more information, or contact us with any questions you have about rotary evaporators;