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The new Jenway 550 and 570 pH meters – replacement for the Jenway 370

To replace the very popular Jenway 370 handheld pH meter, two new models have recently been released.

handheld pH meters by Jenway
The Jenway 370 (left) has now been replaced by the Jenway 550 (centre) and the Jenway 570 (right) pH meters

The Jenway 550 and 570 models offer the same portable, flexible and low cost handheld meters we expect, with some new additional features such as the waterproof version now available.

We’ve taken a look at the two new models and what they offer below.

Jenway 550 portable pH meter

550 in caseThe 550 is the general purpose portable meter option, suited to most everyday uses in the lab or around a site.

It has 2 point calibration, automatic buffer recognition and the standard BNC electrode connection which allows flexibility to choose from within Jenway’s own pH electrode range, or others.

Temperature compensation is automatic, with a separate temperature probe, or can be set to manual.

The lightweight unit is splashproof and has an LCD screen to display temperature and pH simultaneously.


Jenway 570 portable pH meterJenWay 570pH Meter+DS

The 570 model offers some additional features and a waterproof housing, making it suited to outdoor use or tasks where
splashing liquids is a greater risk.

It retains the same 2 point calibration, automatic buffer recognition, BNC connection and automatic temperature compensation which the 550 model offers.

The additional features it offers are the display of mV as well as pH and temperature and an IP 66/67 rated waterproof housing.


Comparison of features

Model Jenway 550 Jenway 570
Shown on screen pH and temperature pH, temperature and mV
 Waterproof? No (IP 65) Yes (IP 66/67)
pH range  (dependent on electrode) 0 to 14 -2 to 16
pH resolution 0.01 0.01
pH accuracy (dependent on electrode) ±0.05 ±0.02
mV range N/A -1000 to +1000 mV
mV resolution N/A 1 mV
mV accuracy N/A ± 1 mV
Automatic Temperature Compensation

(dependent on electrode)

0 to 60 °C 0 to 100 °C
Number of calibration points 2 2
Automatic buffer recognition Yes Yes
Automatic shut off 10 minutes 10 minutes
Battery life (hours) 5,000 2,500
Connection for pH electrode BNC BNC
Connection for Temperature probe 3.5mm jack waterproof Lumberg screw-lock


Overall the new Jenway handheld pH meters present a good affordable option for an entry level portable pH meter.

The BNC electrode connection allows you flexibility to choose specialist probes if needed, and the option to choose from a lab meter or the waterproof version gives even greater choice.

To find out more about the Jenway 550 or Jenway 570 model pH meters, just follow the links above, or contact us with any questions;