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The new 5 Decimal Place Analytical Balance (and how you can try one out!)

Analytical balances are an essential tool in most laboratories where they are relied on for a range of jobs from preparing standards, weighing out accurate amounts of reagents or materials through to calibrating pipettes.

The new Explorer Semi-Micro range from Ohaus offer ultra high precision 5 place balances, for readability down to 0.01mg, as well as a range of other features to ensure accurate and precise weighing.

You can now try before you buy on any model in the range, and take a closer look at one of these balances in your own lab…

Explorer Semi Micro balance with touchless automatic door opening
Automatic opening doors via touchless sensors and a built in ionizer to reduce static electricity and increase accuracy are just some of the options available on the new Explorer Semi-Micro range

The Ohaus Explorer Semi-Micro range have been built with accuracy and ease of use at their heart.

  • Full colour graphic display with intuitive menu systems and touch screen
  • QWERTY keyboard and numeric keypad for quick input of GLP, GMP and other data
  • Easy to access communication ports – USB, RS232 and an optional third RS232 or ethernet port.
  • GLP/GMP Data Output with real time clock
  • Data transfer function including a quick “save to USB” button
  • AutoCalâ„¢ fully automatic internal calibration system
  • Four touchless sensors to open doors easily even when your hands are full (optional, not all models)
  • Built in ionizer to reduce static electricity and increase accuracy when weighing powders (optional, only on models with touchless sensors)

See the range and the video here, or contact us if you’re in the UK and would like to arrange a try before you buy trial of one of the models;

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