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The most cost effective method to measure the pH of soft cheeses…

To measure the pH of soft cheeses is quite simple but the right equipment is required to ensure reliability and consistency of results.

A comparison can be drawn between the TRUEscience food testing kit and conventional pH meters:

TRUEscience smart pH meter kit for food testing has a spear shaped pH probe that allows the tip to pierce the dairy product or foodstuff so it is in good contact with the product.

Truescience SMART pH kit for food

The kit contains all for £499.00

  • 1x White TRUEscience pH cap (with battery and 3x additional colour coded battery covers)
  • 1x TRUEscience spear tipped epoxy electrode
  • 1x compatible Android tablet
  • 3x Bottles of buffer for calibration, 250ml each of pH 4, 7 and 10
  • 1x Storage stand
  • 1x Charging tablet stand, including USB cable and mains power cable

The TRUEscience kit has a built in temperature sensor so temperature is compensated for automatically, known as ATC.

ATC Probe

TRUEscience Caps in grey or white
                      TRUEscience Caps in grey or white

Finding an equivalent system means finding a pH electrode that has ATC and a spear tip, which is quite rare. To measure the temperature, which is important with pH as pH varies with temperature you need to use an external temperature probe and a meter that has a connection for both pH and the ATC probes on the back. It is also important to make sure that the meter has the correct connection for the plugs on the pH and temperature probes. Some are BNC, DIN and S7 so it is important to make sure you buy the right type for your meter.

To find a system with a temperature probe is possible but it also means that you have two probes to make sure they are consistently in contact with the sample:

The cost of individual components:

Bench meter £430

Temperature probe £47

Buffers 3 x 250ml £30

Spear tip probe £106

Total cost £613

So penny for penny the TRUEscience meter offers great value for money and has all the additional benefits that the bench top meters do not have at this price point like continuous logging, storage of jobs, GPS location data and image attachment, etc and an android tablet to watch your favorite YouTube videos!!

To find out more about TRUEscience and the philosophy behind it go to www.truescience.co.uk or visit Camlab’s web pages for the full range of products available.