The >>Labster<< seating system by Bimos

There are high demands placed on a good laboratory chair – they need to be specially hygienic, comfortable and flexible for use in all areas of work. It needs to take up a minimum amount of space and yet still offer the maximum ergonomics and comfort. Bimos have answered these calls in the form of the Labster chair.

The Labster 2 chair

No nooks or crannies for microorganisms to collect in, the seamless design means that the chair can be cleaned very thoroughly and quickly after work. Comfort is key, and the new Auto-Motion technology built into the chair helps to support the user’s position. If the employee bends over a micro-scope the Labster automatically bends with him or her, continuously supporting their chosen position.

This chair system has been made to suit all needs and is available in four different models: the Labster  stool with castors, Labster standing rest with pendulum base, Labster 2 chair with castors and the Labster 3 a chair on glides with footring. The models are available in foam or synthetic leather in multiple colours.

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