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The EBA 21 Centrifuge has been replaced by the EBA 280 and 280S

The popular benchtop centrifuge model EBA 21 has been replaced by the new EBA 280 and 280S models, but what do these new units have to offer?

The new EBA 280 centrifuge by Hettich
The new EBA 280 centrifuge

The new EBA 280 and EBA 280 S centrifuges have been designed to give flexible and simple operation for all users


  • Choose between 6 rotors; 3 fixed angle and 3 swing-out options
  • Can be used with 0.5ml pediatric tubes right up to 50ml tubes

Easy to use…

  • New rapid changeover system means you can switch rotors fast and without tools, even one handed
  • Create programs simply, entering time, RPM and RCP easily using the arrow keys
  • 10 memory slots available to store set programs
  • Fast run-up and run-down times allow emergency samples to be processed in minutes
  • Swing-out rotors have an integrated stand


  • Rotors lock in place automatically and securely, without the need for tightening or screws
  • Lid lock and hold function for security, but with an emergency release
  • Imbalance switch-off


  • The EBA 280 model can achieve a max RCF of 3,112 (with 6x 15ml tubes on the 1146 rotor)
  • The higher performance EBA 280 S can achieve a max RCF of 5,071 with the same rotor and tubes.

Due to the highly flexible system of rotors and inserts to accomodate a huge range of tubes, the centrifuge can be used in a wide range of fields from medical diagnostics, environmental analysis and research work.

If you want to know more about the EBA 280, or ask us about your centrifuge application, just contact us using the form below