Oil and Petroleum Testing

Test key fuel properties in 10 seconds, with only 2ml of sample

Analysis of all the key properties of diesel, petroleum and jet fuels usually means a series of lengthy tests in a laboratory setting, all on separate instruments.

While these tests do offer high accuracy results and compliance to international methods, they are often large, lab based and can take a long time.

The new Portable Fuel Property Analyser (PFPA) from Koehler Instruments offers simple, fast testing of all key fuel parameters in just 10 seconds. What’s more, the analyzer is supplied built in to a rugged pelican case for easy transport and field testing around site.

We’ve taken a look at exactly what it offers below

PFPA Portable Fuel Properties Analyzer
The Portable Fuel Property Analyzer by Koehler Instruments – testing key fuel properties in just 10 seconds with only 2ml sample

What parameters does it test?

The PFPA analyzer tests all the key parameters of fuels;

  • In Diesel; Density / API Gravity, Distillation Fractions, Cetane Index, Viscosity, Flash Point, Cloud Point, Aromatics and Saturates
  • In Petroleum; Density / API Gravity, Distillation Fractions, Ethanol and MTBE, BTEX, Reid Vapour Pressure (RVP), Octane (RON, MON, AKI)
  • In Jet Fuel; Density / API Gravity, Distillation Fractions, Freeze Point, Flash Point, Fuel system icing inhibitor, Aromatics and Saturates, Hydrogen Content


How does it work?

The analyzer uses near infrared spectroscopy to analyse all key parameters quickly and without reagents or sample preparation.

Built in Advanced Multivariate Analysis then interprets the results against a factory calibration matrix of over 800 diverse fuels.

Simply put 2ml of sample into the disposable glass sample cell, load into the analyzer and read. Results are given in just 10 seconds.


What other items are needed?

Only the 2ml disposable sample vials and disposable pipettes (for loading the vials) are needed.

The analyzer does not need any reagents or chemicals to perform the tests.


What standards does it work to?

All analyses were developed and validated according to ASTM E1655

Although the tests do not comply to the individual method ASTM or IP methods, the analyzer presents an excellent option for fast field testing before then performing lab analysis with other fuel testing instrumentation for in depth results.


For more information on the PFPA Portable Fuel Properties Analyzer, follow the links above or contact us if you have any questions;