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Temporary Packaging Changes For Hach Powder Pillows

Hach have released the following statement around a temporary change to the printing on packs of their powder pillows.

The manufacturer of the ink used on powder pillows has a component shortage, caused by a Covid-19 supply chain issue. This is temporarily affecting what is printed on powder pillows. Pillows now temporarily have only the product identifier (i.e.) M# printed on them.

•This change is expected to continue on pillow lots produced through mid-July, 2021. This has been approved as a temporary measure by Legal and Compliance.
• Critical Information will still appear on the outer bag label. The M# is a product identifier. It is the only information that appeared on pillows in the past. The M# ties back to the product SDS and can be entered into the SDS website to get hazard information if that is needed.
• Unfortunately, we do not have a viable alternative to printing directly on these ultra-small pouches. The combination of extremely small size and production speed/ volume is not transferable to an automated or manual process with application of labels to the pillows.
• The estimate we have received from the vendor is that ink supply will return to normal around the middle of July. Printing will go back to normal as soon as that is possible.
We would recommend they are kept in the bag until use.

If you have any questions regarding this temporary change, please contact Camlab at support@camlab.co.uk and we will be happy to assist.

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