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Technology on a Touch Screen- pH measurement using your iPhone

Measure and record pH values in the lab or in the field using the simple PH-1 accessory which looks like a phone charger! You simply plug the PH-1 into you iPhone, iPod or iPad and follow the instructions to download the FREE App.

The PH-1 accessory adds precision pH measurement capability to your iPhone or iPod. The PH-1 is compatible with most standard pH electrodes.

The PH-1 meter combines the iPhone’s GPS and communication abilities with a precision instrument to bring pH measurement to a new level. Not only does the system record the pH values, but the time, date and location of the measurement are also logged.








The PH-1 system was designed for applications where data must be collected from a variety of locations. Typical uses are enviromental testing, effluent monitoring, and commercial swimming pool maintenance.

Powered by the iPhone or iPod, the PH-1 does not need any batteries, and does not need to be charged.

Measurement app

The free pH meter app is available from the app store. It provides real time display of pH and temperature readings, recording of readings and sensor calibration.

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