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Techne TC-PLUS Thermal Cycler – Workbench Software is released

Techne are proud to announce the release of the new TC-PLUS thermal cycler satellite model, together with the Workbench PC-mounted software that allows remote operation of Satellite units not controlled from a TC-PLUS Server unit. This release completes the full availability of the TC-PLUS range, and provides an economical choice for the laboratory that needs the speed and accuracy of the TC-PLUS performance with the high throughput of a networked multiple thermal cycler facility.

Techne TC-PLUS Workbench
Techne TC-PLUS Workbench

The TC-PLUS thermal cycler server unit can run up to nine Satellites via USB links and hubs, as well as running its own stand-alone programs. The availability of the separate Workbench software now means that up to nine TC-PLUS Satellites can be operated directly from a PC or laptop computer, using USB communication. Full programming capability, creation and storage of run logs, and monitoring of all satellite units during operation is possible via the Workbench interface. The stand-alone software also has the same PCR primer Tm and gradient temperature calculation options as the TC-PLUS Server unit’s own operating software.

Full information about the complete TC-PLUS range is now available on the Techne website, www.techne.com, and for instant access to all the details about our thermal cycler range, we now have a dedicated thermal cycler microsite: www.thebestthermalcycler.com

Techne are pleased to announce that the Workbench PC software for the TC-PLUS range of Techne thermal cyclers and an upgrade to the latest version of firmware for the TC-PLUS Server are now available to download from www.techne.com.


 At Techne we are constantly working to improve the Server instrument operating system and the accompanying PC mounted Workbench software so that customers get the most out of their TC-PLUS thermal cyclers.

The latest release of Workbench PC software can now be downloaded from www.techne.com/software.asp.

Please note that the Workbench software will only control those satellite units connected to the corresponding PC by USB link.

TC-PLUS Server Firmware

As well as the Workbench PC software, the latest firmware for the TC-PLUS server is also available to download from the website so that customers have easy and instant access to the latest firmware release.

The TC-PLUS server firmware version currently available to download is V 1.049-01.20

In order to update the instrument firmware the file must be downloaded onto a USB stick. The instrument should be turned on and the USB stick inserted into the front port. When the stick has been recognised, the new firmware can be loaded onto the TC-PLUS. When the upload is complete, the new firmware version will be shown in the Current Status window on the TC-PLUS main menu.

The Full range of Techne products is available from Camlab