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Stuart Undergrad Hotplate Stirrers now availble as a kit with controller included

Starter kits are a great option to make sure that everything you need to get started is included in one box, making it easy for you to begin work quickly.

We are big fans of starter kits, from our COD starter package to our vacuum filtration starter kit so we’re glad to hear that Stuart’s Undergrad hotplate stirrer units are now available as a kit which includes the SCT1 controller and all the required accessories in one package.

UC152 kit with hotplate stirrer and controller along with accessories
The UC152 kit contents

The Stuart Undergrad hotplate stirrers are a sturdy, compact and simple to use choice for most lab heating and stirring needs.

Choose from a ceramic or aluminium plate; the ceramic plate can reach 450°C while the aluminium plate can reach 325°C, both options can stir from 100 to 2,000 rpm. (Read more about choosing a ceramic or aluminium top here.)

When combined with the SCT1 controller the plate can be used for more accurate heating of liquids. The probe feeds back the actual temperature of your sample to the controller, which adjusts the heating accordingly. This allows precise heating of your samples up to 200°C.

The SCT1 controller can be set to 1°C increments and offers accurate heating to within ±0.5°C.

The kit includes all the items pictured above;

  • UC152 or US152 hotplate stirrer unit
  • SCT1 temperatrure controller with stainless steel probe
  • Retort rod
  • Probe holder

See the kits here, or contact us with any questions about your heating and stirring application