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Streamline your Lab purchasing

Ever feel like the day to day purchasing for your lab is taking up too much time?

Making sure you have enough of the everyday essentials like gloves, standards or tubes is important to keep things running smoothly, but keeping on top of re-ordering these basics can take you away from other tasks.

Some studies have found laboratory staff spending 18.5% of their time on admin tasks.

Try these 3 simple ways to streamline your regular ordering, save time and make sure you always have everything you need.

Laboratory gloves - an everyday essential in most labs
Constantly re-ordering essentials like gloves? Spend a little time today setting up a simple way to streamline your lab essentials purchasing to save yourself time and money

Spend a little time today setting up one of these 3 easy methods to streamline your purchasing and save yourself time in the long run

1. Set up a standing order

Tell us what essentials you need regularly and we can set up a standing order. This will tick over redelivering to you at set intervals without you having to lift a finger.

Just let us know what items, how many, and how often.

Email us your request using this link


2. Use the Wishlist to store regular favourites for later

Log in to your camlab account online (set one up online in 5 minutes, or ask us to do it for you and we’ll email you the login details)

Find the essentials that you re-order regularly, instead of buying it now you can add it to your wishlist.

Wishlist button

Once all your essentials are added, you can access the list from the Wishlist link in the top right hand corner.

Buy from Wishlist
Use the wishlist as a saved list of favourite essentials to repeat buy

When you need to order, just adjust the quantities and hit add to basket to quickly re-order the same essentials month after month.

Items on your wishlist will stay there even after you order, so you can use this as a quick reference list of your usual items.


 3. Use the Express Order form

Already know the camlab code of your regular items? Use the Express Order form to quickly enter the code and quantity and build your order in minutes.

Express Order form - enter item codes or upload a csv file to build your order in minutes

If you have the codes on a spreadsheet you can even save this as a .csv and import it into the form for even quicker repeat ordering.


Try the links above to set up any of these fast ordering methods today, and see how much time you could save overall