Socorex Electronic Pipettes – The Accura electro range

The latest upgrade of the successful Socorex Accura electro range makes electronic pipetting more versatile , simple and safer than ever.

Socorex Accura electro Range
Socorex Accura electro Range

The accura range features:

Optimal ergonomics, and light weight:

The range features a large and comfortable  plunger, and a forward mounted tip release button, which has been designed to be a user friendly as possible.

Easy Intuitive self teaching programme

Large Display reversdiable for left and right handed users- the display converts instantly to right or left reading. All information clearly presented and visble at a glance.

Swift charging interchangeable battery

Adjutable Justip™ tip ejector to accomodate any brand of pipette tips:

Justip pipette tip height adjustment
Justip pipette tip height adjustment

Maximum efficiency with the Justip™ controlled by efficient click stops-which allows a wide selection of tips to fit the nozzle tightly.

Interchangeable volumetric modules- One pipette, many sizes


If you would like to know more about Socorex pipettes and the full range available just complete the contact form below:

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