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Socorex dispensers Calibrex Organo and Solutae in new sizes

Socorex have added four new sizes to their range of Calibrex 525/530 bottle top dispensers, which after the withdrawal of the fixed volume dispensers, are a welcomed addition to the range.

Calibrex Organo and Solutae models – both with and without flow control stopcock, adding flexibility to safety. No tool needed to assemble or to remove for cleaning. Fitting most reagent bottles, Socorex dispensers enable safe and reproducible dispensing in volumes ranging from 1 to 100 mL, supplied with a Two-year warranty as standard. Socorex dispensers offer a great range of sizes and features.

New sizes are:

  • 0-1-1ml
  • 0.25-25ml
  • 0.5-5.0ml
  • 1-10ml
Socorex calibrex Solutae and Organo Bottle Top Dispensers
Socorex Calibrex Solutae and Organo                 Bottle Top Dispensers
  • The Calibrex Organo includes a ground glass or ceramic plunger both suited for organics and non-crystallzing acid and base solutions. The unit is supplied with feed tubing, delivery jet with stopper, bottle neck adaptors and  a base thread is 45mm. Each unit also has a calibration certificate and full instructions.
  • The Calibrex Solutae  has a glass or ceramic PFA coated plunger preventing the crystallization of chemicals. Made of high tech materials it provides for broad chemical resistance and is adpated for most laboratory chemicals.

You can check to see which one you need on the chemical resistance chart provided by Socorex. Camlab can supply all you need including suitable glass bottles and containers, replacement  feed tubing, replacement parts and advice on care and handling. Bottle top dispensers are used in  a wide number of applications from chemical dispensing to pharmaceutical dosing and e-liquid dispensing.

Contact Camlab for more information on the new variable volume Socorex Calibrex bottle top dispensers:

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