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Smart Spectrometers for Water Analysis

When deciding what level of accuracy is required for water testing there are a number of options available:

Camlab supplies products for all these options, but here we focus on one range of novel spectrophotometers from Macherey Nagel, ideal for accurate in-depth analysis.

The new NANOCOLOR spectrophotometers are designed for universal use in all areas of water and wastewater analysis. These spectrophotometers can additionally be used for quality control in various fields of industry such as food and beverage.

A key novel aspect of this range is the measurement of turbidity according to EN ISO 7027. The ability to measure nephelometric stray light from 0.1–1000 NTU enhances sample measurement accuracy by eliminating turbid related issues from sample analysis.  The spectrophotometer automatically rejects samples if turbid (based on predefined criteria) and the user has the choice to wait until the turbidity of the sample reaches an acceptable measure for reading or take a fresh sample.

In addition to this, the inclusion of a 10 inch HD touchscreen in spectrophotometer provides a user-friendly icon-based system adding familiarity to the system.

The key benefits of this range include:


  • Pre-programmed tests and photometric basic functions built in to speed up analysis and reduce operator error.
  • The optical setup along with technological advancements enables measurements without a protective cover, a big advantage for seamless lab processes.
  • Clear display of all significant data and functions on the user-friendly touchscreen


  • Highly accurate measurements by high-quality optical components – with a wavelength resolution of 0.1 nm this enables a new level of precision, for example for the monitoring of high-resolution scans. Internal stray light is reduced to < 0.1 %, resulting in extremely accurate measuring signals.
  • Safe test procedures by test instructions presented as pictograms


  • Flexible measurements of different cuvettes without any adapter
  • Free programming of user-defined applications
  • Fast photometer updates

Meets Specifications

  • Internal quality control in accordance with ISO 9001
  • Documentation of results in accordance to GLP
  • Clear memory management
  • Convenient export of data and professional data and spectrum processing with NANOCOLOR software
 Two options are available:
Spectrophotometer NANOCOLOR® VIS II

Halogen Lamp for visual wavelength range: 320-1100 nm. Over 200 Pre-programmed tests

Spectrophotometer NANOCOLOR® UV/VIS II 

Visual and UV light sources using a Halogen lamp (visible range) and deuterium lamp (UV range). Wavelength range: 190-1100 nm. Again providing over 200 Pre-programmed tests to choose from.



For further information on the Machrey-Nagel check out our web listing or contact us by phoning 01954 233110 or email us at sales@camlab.co.uk.

For a list of the extensive range of NANOCOLOR bar coded reagent test tubes check out our website.