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Shatter and splinter proof burettes – a safer option

Burkle’s very popular automatic burettes are now available in a plastic coated version – making them shatter and splinter proof.

Burkle Automatic Burette
The Automatic Burette offers a quick and easy way to perform manual titrations, and is now available in a plastic coated version

Due to their delicate construction and shape, traditional glass burettes are often accidentally knocked or broken.

Burkle now offer their popular Automatic Burettes in a plastic coated version – the glass burette has a plastic sheath which protects against breakage and ensures that if a break does occur, no dangerous glass splinters are released.

plastic coated burette broken
The plastic coated burettes won’t form dangerous glass splinters if they do break

This safer option is an ideal choice for schools, food environments or manufacturing sites where glass fragments would present a hazard.

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