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Reservoir 8000 – ideal for low volume pipetting applications

Reagent reservoirs are an essential accessory for a multitude of liquid handling procedures.

The Reservoir 8000 is a unique design which enables the user, when pipetting, to provide a new level of accuracy and cost efficiency that will benefit the following applications and more:

  • Cell culture media addition
  • PCR reagent handling, sequencing reactions
  • Kinetic assays or any protocol requiring temporary sterile fluid storage in a contamination-free container.

Made from virgin polypropylene, the reservoir is non-porous and is completely inert, so reactants are not bound to the sidewalls and therefore yields are maximised.

Virgin polypropylene is used to avoid the presence of contaminating polymers and to maintain moulding consistency.



Reservoirs are graduated to 8ml and hold up to 10ml maximum volume. Additional tube carriers for either 0.2 or 0.5ml tubes can be purchased with the reservoirs as a set.

 The added advantage of these reservoirs is they can be interconnected for mutiple pipetting applications.

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