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Rapid Automated Fluoride Analysis


Mantech Quadraprobe Fluoride
Mantech Quadraprobe Fluoride

MANTECH INC (Canada) is a manufacturer of innovative automated multi-parameter, titration, BOD and COD laboratory instruments. MANTECH has introduced the QuadraProbe™ System for the simultaneous analysis of 4 different samples.

Typical applications of the QuadraProbe™ System include; automated pH measurement of 4 different samples, automated fluoride measurement of 4 different samples, automated conductivity of 4 different samples and also automated pH and conductivity whereby 2 different samples are measured simultaneously with 4 parameters being analysed. Each sample is stirred independently.

The QuadraProbe™ System is ideal for determining parameters including; soil pH’s, fluoride in mining extracts or fluoride in urine, pH and conductivity in soil extracts or in greenhouse waters. Automated addition of water to soils is possible with this system, as is automated buffer addition for fluoride and also automated SMP buffer addition for soil pH’s.

The QuadraProbe™ System was developed as a direct result of listening to MANTECH’s customers’ requirements. MANTECH endusers asked MANTECH to enhance the speed and throughput of its automation solutions, resulting in the development of the QuadraProbe™ System.

Environmental, soil and medical laboratories can now realise a 50% gain in throughput, thereby optimising the return on investment. The MANTECH QuadraProbe™ System offers proven MANTECH software and technology. Up to 196 different samples may be analysed in a single batch, adding more samples as the batch is running is simple. Runs can be left unattended, even overnight; simply load the samples and walk away!

Quick and effective rinsing of samples comes as standard with MANTECH’s IntelliRinse™ System. Simply set the prescribed parameter to determine rinsing quality. This value is then saved with the next sample to confirm the probes were effectively cleaned.

Proven to be accurate, precise and with a complete audit trail, the laboratory’s investment is guaranteed to save time and money. The MANTECH QuadraProbe™ System is a robust, durable system generating accurate and precise results that stand the test of time.

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